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We understand you may be afraid to visit the dentist, and surprisingly a lot of people are. We want you to know that you are not alone, the team here at 7 to 7 Dentist are here to support you. Your dental appointment does not have to be scary or uncomfortable, with 7 to 7 Dentist you can enjoy a […]

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Negative Pressure Rooms

7 to 7 Dentist presents the latest Technology: Negative Pressure Rooms WHAT ARE THEY? Negative Flow rooms are good for you and bad for viruses. Essentially there’s a gradient between the outside of the room and inside the room, so that the air pressure inside the room will not flow out (protecting people in and out of the room) which […]

The Coronavirus and Us

Coronavirus and Dentistry: Tips and Hints The term “Coronavirus” is not only spreading physically but also mentally, with the uncertainty revolving around the disease, it’s been impacting not only the economic world but the social world. To understand what it is and the implications it has not only the dental world, but to you as well, we need to know […]