$1013 FREE DENTAL CARE  for 2-17 year olds, over a two year period

Kiddies Oral Health Care Appointment or General Check Ups

It has already started, on 1 January 2014, and is set to continue into the foreseeable future.

Ring Dr Stephens on 1300 661 771 to make an appointment for the family to visit the dentist.

36 Cary St, Wyoming, Tel 1300 661 771

Two blocks south of Wyoming McDonalds, on Henry Parry Drive, opposite Our Lady Of the Rosary Catholic school.

Children must be from the ages of 2 to 17 (inclusive), eligible for Medicare benefits, and the family must get FAMILY TAX BENEFIT A,OR receive;

  • Youth Allowance
  • DSP (Disability SUpport Pension)
  • Parenting Payment
  • Special Benefit
  • Carer Payment
  • Vererens Children Education Scheme (wherer the child is 16 or over)
  • Military Rehabilitation and Compe4nsation Act Education adn traning scheme (where the child is 16 or over)

Most families will have already received a letter from the government in early 2014. This letter is, however, NOT a voucher, but simply a reminder to call a dentist for some quality dental care. We can check eligibility before starting any treatment, and can find out any remaining balance that there is left over from earlier visits.

Almost all dental services are covered by this comprehensive government scheme;

  • Dental Check Ups and Cleanings
  • Radiographs (X-rays which are used to find hidden decay, and abscesses)
  • Fissure sealants (Protective coatings on teeth to stop decay)
  • Restorations (Fillings, both white fillings and silver fillings are included)
  • Root Canal Treatment (Removing the dead nerve of a tooth, in order to save the tooth from an extraction)
  • Extractions (The removal of badly decayed, or abscessed teeth)
  • Partial Dentures (Commonly known as “Plates”- replacing missing teeth, to look better, have better speech, and able to chew food more effectively)

*Orthodontics (Straightening crooked teeth) is NOT included.

No, some dentists do not do the scheme, in fact, many dentists are more than happy to just treat adult patients.

Here at 7to7dentist.com, we are proud in caring for the entire family, from the youngest of babes (which is one of the reasons why we are one of the few dentists on the coast who has a BABY CHANGE TABLE!) to the elderly in wheelchairs (which is why we have excellent wheelchair access!).

Your children will still be eligible for the remainder of the calendar year, but not in the next one. We suggest that examinations are made promptly, so that this situation does not arise.

Each of your children will be eligible for $1013 over a two year period, so if you have five eligible children, you will be entitled to $5000 of dental care over a two year period.

Dr Stephens’s wonderful assistants can check if you are able to participate in the scheme.

Dr Stephens’s fantastic assistants can also check on how much funding is remaining on the scheme.

Here at 7to7dentist.com, we believe in a firm foundation of dental care, and, unlike some dentists, do not ask for payments up front for children treated under the scheme.

Unlike a lot of dentists on the coast, I believe that the fees paid for by the government under the scheme are fair and reasonable. It is also important to realise that a significant proportion of the population has not been able to afford quality, caring, dental treatment. Bulk billing is good for patients, good for patient care, and allows my office to run more smoothly as well.

It depends on which dentist you choose to see. Many charge above the rate, some significantly more. As stated previously, I am of the opinion that the scheme is fair and reasonable, and do not charge above the scheduled fees. I do, however, charge if a patient needs more than $1013 of dental care in a two year period. Simply call 7to7dentist.com on 1300 661 771 to ensure that you will not be charged above the bulk billing fee schedule.

The $1013 can be used at ANY time during a two year period. For example, it may be used in the first month, however, no benefits would be payable for another two calendar years.

The benefits are lost, as no benefits can be taken over to the next year. Often in life, we know that things are important, but life seems to get in the way of things, and we can miss out on some important health care. This is why it is important to make an appointment NOW!

There are some limits, however, in reality they do not occur very often at all. Dr Stephens can advise if, in the unlikely event, these may apply to you.

After the limit has been reached, no benefits are payable under the CDBS, until two calendar years have elapsed.

The extra cost will need to be paid by the patient. Health funds CAN be claimed for any payments OVER the $1000

You can claim on your health fund, OR on the cdbs, but not on both for the same treatment. You are able to claim for any payments over and above the $1013 provided by the scheme.

Absolutely! Private health cover can be claimed for services not covered under the scheme, such as orthodontic treatment.

They will be eligible for the entire year, that year, for the Child Dental Benefits Schedule. In the case of a 17 year old turning 18, the limit is still $1013, but will be over a SINGLE year, not a two year period, all the more reason to schedule an appointment.

Absolutely not. Only the eligible children can use the CDBS finances. We are happy to see any other family members as private patients.

It actually starts from the start of the calendar year, NOT the first appointment date. This is a benefit for patients, and makes administration easier as well.

Unfortunately, the CDBS can only be used outside of hospitals.

The dentist will charge above the scheduled fee, you will need to pay the ENTIRE cost on the day of treatment, then take the receipt down to your local medicare office, wait in line, then receive a refund for part of the dental treatment that you have paid for.

Please call 7to7dentist.com on 1300 661 771 and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.