Dermal fillers are a naturally occurring “building block” of your body, called “hyaluronic acid” When placed under the skin, they plump up the skin, reversing a lot of the aging process, that occurs due to changes in the fat pockets, muscles, bone and skin.

Think of your face as being similar to a beach ball. At the age of 25, we have nice high cheekbones, clear, smooth skin and usually look the best that we will in life.

As we age, we lose volume, which is similar to the beach ball losing some air. No longer is it firm, plump and soft, it is dimpled, slightly deflated and wrinkled. A dermal filler is like pumping some air back into the beach ball, to improve the size, shape, contour of the face and to smooth and reduce any wrinkles that may be there. As the years progress, many changes take place, and gravity seems to make everything sag and droop. Our faces lose some fat, particularly in the cheek region, flattening what used to have a graceful curve to it. Our muscles change, and there are changes of our bone as well. Our skin loses some of its collagen, and is no longer as tight and smooth as it was in our youth.

They along with anti wrinkle injections, are the first line of defence against aging. They are naturally occurring in the body, and very bio compatible. Fillers are significantly cheaper than surgical implants, face lifts and the like. Fillers are much more non invasive than any surgical treatments Fillers are an excellent choice for facial rejuvenation from the age of 25-60 or so. Making small changes earlier is much better than waiting for when a surgical face lift is needed. Results can be specifically tailored to what a patient wants- how much improvement. A good medium term result occurs. Downtime is minimal,

If a patient is dissatisfied, they will slowly dissolve, and can be dissolved quickly by an injection of ‘hyaluronidase’, which is naturally occurring in the body, and dissolves hyaluronic acid.

Dermal filler can be used to plump up almost any area of the face that is no longer looking as well as it used to.

Lip Augmentation. Fillers are excellent for plumping up lips, and turning thin lips into plump, luscious ones. Lipstick tends to bleed a lot less, as the skin is now much tighter and smoother.

Cheek enhancement- The major change of our faces from 25-45 is the loss of the cheek fat, which moves our cheeks downwards, and towards the nose. The lines from the nose to the mouth (Nasolabial lines) increase.

Nasolabial lines. These can be injected directly, however, it is much better to put the cheek back to where it was, and these nasolabial lines will decrease, and look more natural

Marrionette lines (between the corners of the mouth and the side of the chin) tend to become more creased as we age.

Hollow temples. Fillers can be used to fill out a hollow depression in the temple area near the hairline.

Ordinarily, there may be some swelling, redness for a few days. The skin feels a little strange, and tight, because the skin is no longer sagging, and has smoothed out many wrinkles. Sometimes a small asymmetry may happen.

Depending on the area, 9-18 months or so. The general rule is, the more the area moves, the less the fillers last. So, lips tend to last about 9 months. Nasolabial and marionette lines, about 12 months. Cheeks and temples, that move significantly less, up to 18 months.

A thorough consultation occurs, where you tell Dr Stephens your concerns about your face, skin, wrinkles. It is particularly helpful to bring in a photo of when you were 25, and most happy with your appearance. Then, Dr Stephens will tell you of how he feels about what is possible, what is feasible, and what is not. Priorities are set. Often, a combination of anti wrinkle injections, and fillers is the best option. An order is decided. It is usually best to space things out a little bit, for time and financial reasons, and to give you more time to see how we are progressing. A lot of the consultation is spent on deciding on how to best improve, within the confines of your budget.

Local anaesthesia- the same as as used for dental treatment is often used. Many practitioners try to avoid this. My feeling is that it is much better to numb the face up properly, and have the optimal treatment done, with almost zero pain. Trying to have fillers done (particularly the first few times) without local is not a happy experience for either the doctor or the patient.

For the first three days or so, you will look a little more plump than the end result, as there is some swelling. The ‘real’ end result is after a week or so

It is a good idea to take care of yourself, no heavy or strenuous exercise, only a moderate consumption of alcohol. and remember when out in the sun to ‘slip slop and slap’.