Normal extractions FAQ’s

It is a good idea to bite on the gauze for 20 minutes or so, in order to make sure that there is a clot. This is usually done in the surgery, or on the way home

Take it easy for today, NO heavy exercise, gym work, gardening, running around doing errands. The more you do, the more your blood pressure goes up, and discomfort and bleeding can increase. Take it easy, I am happy to give you a certificate for a day off work if you wish.

It is a good idea to take some analgesics, to help with the discomfort before the anesthetic wears off. Two panadol, and two nurofen every four to 5 hours is a good idea for adult. Panadol and nurofen are totally different drugs, and work in totally different ways, and are fine to be taken together. Some people feel that aspirin increases the likelihood of bleeding, I personally do not feel like this is a problem and have no trouble with it. Whatever you normally take for a headache and your body is used to and works well is usually the best.

Children are usually best to have either panadol, or childrens nurofen. Luckily, they heal up much better than adults. They often have a little sleep when they get home and are usually running around like maniacs by the end of the day! Like the rest of their bodies, their mouths heal up significantly quicker than us adults!

If you get any bleeding, it is normally only a tiny bit of blood, and a lot of saliva. Simply bite on one of the spare gauzes, (or a clean handkerchief or cloth), for a good 20 minutes, while you take it easy.

There is still local anesthetic, which affects the lip, cheek and tongue. It is very important NOT to bite your lip, your tongue, and your cheek. Typically, these areas may be numb for an hour or two after the procedure. If biting does occur, it usually happens while the anesthetic is wearing off, ie after an hour or so, when it if feeling itchy, prickly, tingly or weird

Typically, for an easy extraction, things are a little tender for that day, and much better the next morning. It is often sore to hard foods for a couple of days when something (like a corn chip or lamb bone) accidentally touches the socket.

Sometimes, the tummy can feel a bit queasy, this is usually because a little bit of blood has been swallowed.

No, antibiotics are only needed if there is an existing infection, such as swelling, or a cellulitis (a large facial swelling) There is not any real evidence that antibiotics will speed the healing process, or prevent dry sockets or infections.

If you are concerned about anything, please feel free to call us on 1300 661 771. Sometimes it is a good idea to put an old pillowslip on the pillow, particularly if you are a nocturnal drooler.

Same instructions as above for simple extractions, but keep up the analgesics for three days or so. Don’t wait to see if it will be sore, just keep taking two panadol and nurofen every 4-5 hours for three days, and then play it by ear from there. Ice packs can help, 15 min on, 15 min off. Wrap up some ice, or a frozen packet of peas in a clean face washer or tea towel. Have a few days to a week off work and school, take it easy and rest.

It is important to be eating and drinking. Eating something soft like youghurt, custard, stewed apples, etc is excellent. You will naturally find yourself eating on the opposite side of the extraction, which can sometimes be a bit difficult, as most of us have a favourite side to chew on. For difficult wisdom teeth, swelling can occur for up to two weeks, and then decrease from there. Discomfort is usually worse for the first 7 or 10 days.

What potential complications are there?

This is very rare, particularly since here at, I usually almost always place some medicine in the socket, which really helps the blood clot form.

Sometimes the bleeding increases a bit after the anesthetic wears off. Anesthetic has what is called a vasoconstrictor in it, which decreases blood flow. Also, when the anesthetic has worn off, peoples discomfort levels increase, which can raise peoples blood pressure, and be a little more likely to bleed.

Use one of the extra gauze pads we gave you, and bite on the socket where the tooth used to be, FOR AT LEAST 20-30 minutes. Do not take it out to check before this time. Rest, watch the TV, but please, take it easy.

Typically, after an extraction, things feel better for three days, and then get worse. For some reason (which dentists cannot agree on) the blood clot is lost. Bad breath (halitosis) usually occurs, and discomfort can be anywhere from very mild, to extreme.

Why does a dry socket happen?

We just don’t know why. Dentists like to argue about whether it is an infection, or just the body not healing the gum and the bone properly

What we do know is that it typically happens in smokers, people who don’t brush properly,and have gum infections such as gingivitis/periodontists, and in lower molars extractions. Age also seems to be a factor

So, the best prevention is simply not to be a smoker, and take care of your teeth and gums. However, these are issues that are very difficult to change!

Ideally, never!. Your general general health will be much better, and you will have significantly more money in your pocket. A pack a day smoker will spend over $7000 a year on their habit.

Even if you don’t smoke for a few days (which is usually the best we can hope for), you are still much more likely than a non smoker to get a dry socket, due to your poorer immune system, and peripheral vascular disease that is already affecting your gums, and bone.

Just call the office immediately! I also usually give out my personal, private mobile to private patients just in case they have any difficulties.

In the case of bleeding, usually, I numb up the area, find the area that is bleeding, and either suture it, or use a special laser to stop it bleeding. I also place some medicine in there again to form a clot.

In the case of a DRY SOCKET, i usually numb up, and either place some medicine, or gently curette the area, and then place some medicine.

If you have any numbness in any area the next day, please call the office immediately.