1. Place a very small amount of whitening material, about the size of a matchhead, in the tray, where the front teeth touch the tray. Most people put too much in, only a small amount is needed.
  2. Place the tray in the mouth.
  3. Lick the outside of the tray. If you can taste the material, you have put too much in! Placing too much in wastes the material, and also places it on the gum which can irritate it, rather than just on the teeth.

You can wear the tray, from a couple of hours a day, to overnight.  I always suggest to make sure that you can wear it for a few hours during the day, before doing it overnight.

If the gum feels a little bit tingly, this is fine. If the tooth feels a little bit tingly, this is fine.

If the gum or the tooth feels anything more than this, then take the tray out asap. Rinse your mouth and tray with water. Leave the whitening tray out for a day or three before trying again.

Sometimes, teeth can be more sensitive while whitening. Avoiding ice cream and really cold drinks is usually a good idea.

If you are getting sensitivity, just leave the tray out for a couple of days, until things settle down. If you have some tooth mousse (link with both words to a tooth mousse page that is non existant at the moment), you can place a pea sized amount in the tray, and wear the tray for an hour or two.

Feel free to contact the surgery if you are concerned with sensitivity or anything else.

It usually takes 1-2 weeks of wearing the tray overnight, or for a long time during the day, to achieve optimal results. If you are whitening every three days or so, you will still get the same end result (so dont rush it by continuing to wear the tray if you get sensitivity).

After use, rinse the tray in warm water, pat dry and keep in the box we gave you.

Its a good idea to put your name and phone number on the box, in case it gets lost.

NEVER throw the tray out, after you have finished with it, throw it in a bottom drawer, as it should still be fine to use in the future when you need a top up, which is typically the 12-24 month period

You will usually recognise that the incisal edge of the teeth whitens better than the teeth along the gumline. This is because the tooth is thickest along the gum, and is harder to whiten.

Smile a lot, and recommend us to your friends when they ask where you got your smile from!