Being committed to having a small environmental footprint. In minimalizing our environmental impact. We use a combination of many processes, including low dosage digital xrays which reduce radiation levels and have removed the need for toxic developing chemicals). We use non toxic detergents that are earth friendly saving the oceans and waterways.

Same Day Dental Appointments

At 7to7dentist, we understand how difficult it is to balance work, family and taking care of your health. We want you to get the flexibility and same day dental appointments you need when it comes to taking care of your oral health in New York City. Our dentists bring over 35 years of experience to provide personalized and hassle-free dentistry. Whether you are due for your routine cleaning or have an urgent dental concern, our friendly dental professionals can book your dental appointment today to meet your busy schedule. You will find the highest standard of care when you choose 7to7dentist for your same day dental treatments in New York City.